Monday, March 12, 2007

life sucks ,mostly.....No charges will be filed in the incident, police said.

Men survive gruesome suicide attempt

Published on: 03/09/07

Atlanta men survived an attempt to kill themselves Friday by cutting
off their arms with a circular saw, according to Atlanta Police Major
Lane Hagin.

The men managed to sever three of their arms about six inches above the wrist, he said.

The two men — ages 40 and 41 — left a suicide note with the manager
of their Atlanta apartment building saying they were committing suicide
because their business had failed and they were recently diagnosed with
HIV, Hagin said.

After reading the note, the manager called police who found the two
men in their apartment with "a lot of blood," the major said.

Their names were not released. Police spokesman Steve Coleman said
both were in stable condition at Grady Memorial Hospital late Friday
and will undergo psychiatric evaluation.

No charges will be filed in the incident, police said.

— Rhonda Cook

help me rhonda..........sorry.............i doubt she can..................

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