Sunday, October 22, 2006

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Ramadan arrest advice 'is lunacy'

Muslim praying
The advice does not relate to on the spot arrests

An Islamic youth organisation has condemned as "lunacy" police
advice not to execute arrest warrants against Muslims at prayer times
during Ramadan.

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) asked detectives not to make planned arrests for reasons of religious sensitivity.

But Mohammed Shafiq, from the Ramadhan Foundation, said:

"It's stupid, lunacy, that police could even consider not arresting
Muslims during Ramadan."
GMP said its advice was a "request for sensitivity" and not a ban on arrests.

'Community tensions'
The advice was e-mailed out to officers working in Moss
Side, Hulme, Whalley Range, Rusholme, Fallowfield, Ardwick, Longsight,
Gorton and Levenshulme.
The e-mail stressed the order did not apply to on-the-spot arrests, only the execution of arrest warrants.

We must all be equal under the law

Mohammed Shafiq
Ramadhan Foundation

Mr Shafiq said: "Greater Manchester Police have a history of policing
the Muslim community with great sensitivity and understanding. That
this idea was even thought of is shocking.

"I don't know where they get these ideas from and I'm glad an officer was clearly angry enough to leak the memo.
"Police shouldn't hesitate to arrest any Muslims they had planned to during Ramadan. We must all be equal under the law.

"If people think Muslims are immune from the law, it will only stir up tensions within the community."
A GMP statement said: "The month of Ramadan is an
important time of the year for members of the Muslim community
throughout the world.
"It is important that normal, planned policing
activities and operations are maintained, while ensuring that officers
are professional and respectful to members of the community while going
about their duties."

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GMP said...

This issue has generated a lot of debate, but unfortunately much of it has been as a result of misinformation which has appeared in the media.

To clarify the actual situation, officers were never instructed not to make arrests. The month of Ramadan is an important time of the year for members of the Muslim community throughout the world. Officers were asked to be aware that this important religious festival is taking place and to ensure that they remain professional and respectful to member of the community when going about their duties.

This was unfortunately misinterpreted by some people, including certain elements of the media, which has resulted in some misunderstanding of the position. The primary objective of Greater Manchester Police is to fight crime and protect people and we will aim to continue to do so for all the people we serve, whatever their background.


GMP Press Office